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Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife (BGGW) was set up in 2013 as a community interest company to continue the work of protecting breeding ospreys in the Glaslyn Valley.

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Here is Mrs G laying her third egg of the season, her 51st overall, in the warm sun this morning. All three eggs laid just in time for Easter!

Enjoy the weekend!
Dyma Mrs G yn dodwy trydydd wy'r tymor, ei 51fed erioed, yn yr haul braf bore 'ma. Mae'r tri wy wedi'u dodwy yn barod ar gyfer y Pasg!

Mwynhewch y penwythnos!

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Fantastic news - a hat-trick at Glaslyn! Mrs G has just laid her 3rd egg of the season. Watch out for a video to follow later - 11:55


Newyddion ardderchog - trydydd wy ar nyth Glaslyn! Mae Mrs G wedi dodwy ei thrydydd wy o’r tymor. Cadwch lygad allan am fideo hwyrach heddiw - 11.55

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Yesterday morning offered us a good giggle as we thought we were watching a seemingly possessed stick taunt Mrs G from above the nest. It turned out to be Aran, of course, who couldn't quite work out how to land with such a big stick. In the end, he opted for right on top of Mrs G, which didn't impress her in the slightest.

However, her attention soon turned towards something else. She started chipping and mantling and quickly protected the eggs as an intruding osprey flew right over the nest. Aran then flew off to chase the osprey away before assuming his position as watchman on the perch.
Roedd rhaid i ni chwerthin bore ddoe pan welsom ni frigyn mawr yn dawnsio uwchben Mrs G fel tasa'n cael ei reoli gan ysbrydion. Dim ond Aran oedd o, wrth gwrs, yn methu'n glir a gweld sut oedd am lanio ar y nyth efo darn o goeden mor fawr. Yn y diwedd aeth am gefn Mrs G. Doedd hyn ddim yn ei phlesio, fel gallwch ddychmygu.

Ond bron yn syth wedi i Aran lanio, roedd Mrs G efo'i adenydd allan yn mantellu a gwarchod yr wyau wrth i walch diarth hedfan dros y nyth. Aeth Aran ar ei ôl cyn dychwelyd i chwarae rhan y gwyliwr ar y glwyd.

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