Glaslyn Offspring

Glaslyn offspring that have been resighted Resultant Offspring
Black 80 (2006)
2008 – July: Black 80 discovered on a nest near Loch Ken, Dumfries taking fish to a female.
2009 – MayBlack 80 and the female returned and raised two chicks. Blue BB and Blue BC. 2
2010 – April 6th: Black 80 and his mate back on Threave nest. Raised three chicks. Blue BK, Blue BL and Blue BM. 3
2010 – September 19th: Blue BK resighted in Pont Grandic Novola, Gulf of Morbihan, France in the Regional Natural Park.
2011 – April 3rd: Black 80 and his mate back on Threave nest, having won it back from a pair of Red Kites. Raised 2 chicks Blue JE & Blue JF. 2
2012 – March 28th: Black 80 arrived back at Threave nest. Old female did not return. New female arrived 11th May Blue KC. Raised 2 chicks. Blue CU3 and Blue CU4 2
2013 – March 27th: Black 80 back at nest, bred again with Blue KC. Raised two chicks, Blue CU8 and Blue CU9 2
2014 – March 30th: Black 80 and Blue KC both back at Threave. Raised two chicks Blue CX0 and blue CX1. 2
2015 – April 2nd: Black 80 back at nest, Blue KC returned 7th April. Raised three chicks Blue FH7, FH8 and FH9. 3
2016 – Black 80 and Blue KC returned and raised four chicks. Two male and two female, Blue FJ7, FJ8, FJ9 and PK0. 4
2017 – Black 80 and Blue KC bred. Raised two chicks. Blue PL3 male and Blue PL4 female. 2
White 94 (2006)
2010 – August 26th: White 94 resighted at Lake Klingnau, Switzerland (Martin Trachsel)
White YC (2008)
2011 – April 21st: White YC landed on Glaslyn nest at 12:00, remained for around 20 minutes
2011 – May 18th: White YC lands on Dyfi nest, May 29th YC lands on Dyfi T perch, possibly sighted on at least two other occasions.
2012 – May: White YC reported as having been seen fishing in the Porthmadog area.
2014 – September 30th, White YC reported as having bred in Cumbria during 2014.
2013 – White YC attempted to build nest in an electricity pylon near Roudsea Wood & Mosses NNR, Cumbria . Fell down over the winter.
2014 – April 2nd: White YC on new platform in pine at Roudsea NNR with unringed female. Raised two male chicks Blue FS9 and Blue FS0. 2
2015 – White YC reported back at nest with female. Intruder disturbance, fails to breed.
2016 – White YC and female returned, he was also seen intruding Foulshaw Moss. Raised one male chick Blue 0A. 1
2017 – White YC and female bred. YC spotted at Foulshaw Moss again. Raised one female chick Blue N1 female. 1
White 91 (2009)
2012 – July 18th: White 91 lands on Loch of the Lowes nest.
2014 – July 27th: White 91 discovered breeding at a nest near Crieff, Perthshire. Raised three chicks, unringed as close to fledging. Failed breeding attempt with same male 2013. 3
2015 – August 9th: White 91 reported to have raised a single chick (unringed) on the same nest. 1
2016 – September 7th: White 91 reported to have returned and laid, but the nest failed early on.
2017 – August 27th: White 91 reported to have raised two chicks to fledging on her Perthshire oak nest. 2
White YA (2007)
2013 – March 25th: White YA photographed at Blagdon Lakes, Somerset, subsequently caught in stewpond nets and released on three occasions.
2013 – March: White YA confirmed as being the breeding male at Kielder Water nest 1, replacing the previous male in 2012.
2012 – July: White YA raised one chick Blue H0 (Probable female), 1
2013 – April 7th White YA back at Nest 1. Raised one chick with unringed female, Blue 6H (sex unknown). 1
2014 – April 2nd: White YA returned to nest with same female. Raised three chicks, Blue UV (satellite tagged – male), Blue VV (satellite tagged – female) and Blue VT (female). 3
2015 – April 2nd: White YA returned to nest, same female. Raised two female chicks, Blue VP and Blue VY (satellite tagged). Blue 2H(2012) intruded nest 5 times. 2
2016 – White YA and same female returned and bred on nest 1A. Raised four chicks two male, Blue Y1 and Y2, two female Blue Y0 and Y3. Y0 disappeared after fledging. 4
2017 – White YA bred with same female. Four eggs, all hatched. Three survived Blue Y9 female, Blue 8P, female and Blue 6P male. 3
Yellow 37 (2005)
2013 – April 2nd: Yellow 37 confirmed as the breeding male at Kielder Water nest 2. First discovered nest building in 2010
2011 – July: Yellow 37 raised two chicks Blue 37 & Blue 38 (male). 2
2012 – July: Yellow 37 raised two chicks Blue 1H – (female) and Blue 2H – (male). 2
2013 – April 4th: Yellow 37 back at nest 2. Raised three chicks, Blue 3H (male), Blue 4H (female) and Blue 5H (female). 3
2013 – July 1st: Blue 38 (2011) – male, youngest of brood, resighted in the North Yorkshire NP (Brian Wright).
2013 – November 14th: Blue 1H (2012) – female, resighted by Frederic Bacuez in the Todde Swamps, Northern Senegal.
2014 – March 30th: Yellow 37 back at nest. Raised three chicks on new nest with same female, Blue 7H (satellite tagged – female), Blue 8H – (female), Blue 9H – (female). 3
2014 – July 1st: Blue 2H (2012) – male, photographed Hurworth Burn Reservoir (Brian Martin).
2015 – April 9th: Yellow 37 back on nest with same female. Four eggs laid. One displaced during intrusion. Two female chicks survive, Blue VS and VM. 2
2015 – April 14th: Blue 1H (2012) lands on Glaslyn nest, she also visits her grandmother on 1st May.
2016 – Yellow 37 bred with new female White EB. Raised three female chicks Blue Y4, Y5 and Y6. 3
2017 – Yellow 37 bred with White EB. Three eggs laid, two chicks hatched. Female Blue 7L and male Blue 7P. Male died pre fledge, but post ringing. Female satellite tracked. 1
Blue 80 (2012)
2014 – August 15th: Blue 80 lands on Dyfi larch perch 09.13.
2015 – April 16th: Blue 80 spends four days with his mother on Glaslyn nest.
Total number of grandchildren produced 62

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