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Snapshot 1 (30-07-2016 21-44)

Mrs G. Feeds W7.

Did the world stand still tonight? We think it did as we waited for Mrs G to seize opportunity to feed our female juvenile W7. What a wait that was, but never mind it did happen. Our volunteer at the protection site estimated that between 25 and 30 pieces of fish were consumed by W7. […]

W7 – Project Manager’s Update

Well it’s been an interesting 24 hours for us to say the least! Poor old W7 isn’t in a good way and we’re all working hard to make sure that we take the right course of action when the time is right. Of course, the key phrase I’ve used here is “when the time is […]


Flying into high summer

Shorts seemed to be the order of the day as I left home but I became more uncertain about that decision as my journey wore on. All the signs of the season at its height were there; all apart from the sunshine of the previous few days. Even in the early morning, holiday-makers were on […]

Snapshot 1 (26-07-2016 14-46)

W8 Falls from the Perch.

At 23: 20 on July 24th W7 and W8 were both perched side by side on the nest perch. Suddenly W8 fell from the perch into branches below the nest. At this point he couldn’t be seen on the live streaming and we were unsure how far down the tree he had fallen. BGGW contingency […]

Nest Q6035_2016-06-21_18_11_21_208

W8 Fledges Successfully

More good news! At 16:23 on Saturday July 23rd., W8 took his first flight from the nest. This follows W7’s first flight on July 20th. Since his first flight he’s made several other forays away from the nest, and continues to use the perch regularly. His confidence is sure to build in the coming days.

Snapshot 1 (20-07-2016 16-18)

W7 Fledges.

Great news from the nest! At 10:35 this morning W7 took to the wing for the first time. Reports from the protection site say that she was soon joined by both Mrs G and Aran giving a fantastic display with all three of them flying in loose formation around the nest. W7’s maiden flight lasted […]


Glaslyn Wildlife Visitor Centre.

UPDATE THE VISITOR CENTRE WILL BE OPEN FROM 1pm TODAY. Apologies. Our Visitor Centre will remain closed this morning. This situation will be reviewed again at lunchtime. Another update will be posted after a further assessment has been made.  The photo shown was taken yesterday the flooding has gone down somewhat since then.

Ringing of the 2016 Glaslyn Chicks

The 2016 Glaslyn chicks were ringed on Sunday 3rd July at 6pm. The best time to ring osprey chicks is when their legs are almost fully grown, but they are not yet old enough to prematurely jump from the nest if alarmed. So ideally they are ringed between 30 and 42 days old. Aran had […]


Time moves on…

A subdued atmosphere hangs in the trees as I head down the track today, the sounds of spring have fallen away and the only noises are the thwack of bracken against the wing mirrors and the crack and crunch of twigs under my tyres. There’s a coolness in the breeze coming through the open window […]