Ospreys and Polygamy


Many of you will know of the complex situation at the Dyfi this season with the male, Monty, holding two nests with females, both with eggs.

This ‘polygamous’ situation does arise relatively frequently in nature and is triggered when two main environmental conditions are present: A general lack of males and a second nest within a short distance of a primary nest.

Those two conditions that are present at the Dyfi are also present at the Glaslyn nest and we can report this morning that Aran, too, has been mating with another female since he arrived back on 12th April – Rutland’s Blue 5F.

We don’t have accurate timings at the moment, but it looks as if Aran is investing around 50:50 of his time at both nests and bringing food back to both females. However, we are hopeful that soon Aran will decide which nest to fully commit his paternal commitments to – just like Monty seems to have done this week at the Dyfi. Statistically, is it much more likely that Aran will choose the Glaslyn nest and Mrs. G as his primary nest.

We will, of course, keep you updated on the situation.