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Mrs.G's arrival - 23.3.16

Welcome Home Mrs.G!

She’s back – At 17.45 tonight an osprey was seen landing on top of the camera pole at the nest site. She was quickly identified as the Glaslyn female. There she stayed for about 2 minutes, flew on to the perch for around 30 seconds, then flew off in a southerly direction. We’re delighted to […]


We’ve won the big Tesco prize – £12,000!

We’ve received some great news today that we will be the recipient of the largest sum on offer from the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ initiative – £12,000! We owe a huge thank you to Tesco and the people in the local community who voted for our project at the Tesco stores in Porthmadog, Caernarfon and […]

Live Streaming Appeal 2016

Live Streaming Appeal 2016                                           Aran and Mrs G on the oak perch At the end of August last year we finally managed to transmit the first live pictures of the Glaslyn Osprey nest worldwide. […]


From Spring into Winter and (Almost) Back Again

There’s mist over the land as I head out on a welcome journey not done since the height of last summer (if there was a ‘height’). The roads are quiet and I make good time as the hazy sun brightens the countryside around. There are signs of spring along my route; daffodils and snowdrops at […]


Migration Forecast No.2

Last week I was wittering on about the Azores High and its influence over wind patterns in west Africa. Well, things are starting to happen – just about three days later than the previous forecast runs suggested… This chart shows the predicted positions for the North Atlantic Jetstream – the high-altitude air circulation that ultimately […]



***** LIVE STREAMING HAS NOW BEEN ACTIVATED ***** Live streaming from the Glaslyn osprey nest will be activated Monday March 14th. Many thanks for your generous donations to our  Live Streaming appeal. We appreciate every single one of them. We hope that very soon we’ll see Mrs G  and Aran return safely to their nest […]

Apêl Ffrydio Byw 2016

Apêl Ffrydio Byw 2016                                              Aran a Mrs G ar y glwyd dderw Ar ddiwedd mis Awst y llynedd, mi lwyddon ni o’r diwedd i ddarlledu’r lluniau byw cyntaf o nyth gweilch Glaslyn i […]


Migration Forecast No.1

It’s that time again. Having spent the winter in sub-Saharan Africa, our birds will be thinking about a first move northwards towards their European and Scandinavian breeding sites. And to make the first part of this epic journey a bit easier, they need some help from the weather… During most of winter, a stable anticyclone […]