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The stunning 4R

The stunning 4R

The stunning 4R, the eldest of this year’s Glaslyn Ospreys offspring. Today she is only 67 days old and her male sibling W0 is a mere 63 days old. Last year’s chicks, Blue 7C, 8C and 9C migrated when they were between 103 and 106 days old. Some time to go yet before 4R and […]

Mrs G. and the 3,000-miles stare

Mrs G. and the 3,000-miles stare

Time flies. It’s quickly becoming ‘that’ time of year again. The old lady is usually the first of the Glaslyn Ospreys to begin the migration South to West Africa. She was last seen on the Glaslyn on September 2nd last year. It’s a different kettle of fish this year of course. Will she hang around […]

W0 - Almost ready to fledge

Time to go, W0.

You can’t blame W0 for not being in a rush to leave his cosy nest can you? The best view in Wales, free food, the protection of doting parents…. He engaged in some more serious helicoptering last night but is still reluctant to venture further than the airspace a few feet above the nest. The […]

4R missing from the nest

4R’s first flight!

This was the nest at 1205 today. Notice anything missing? That’s right, 4R has taken her maiden flight. She left the nest at around 1204 and returned about a minute later. Come on W0, it’s your turn now.

W0 and R4 Togther in the nest

Another typical pre-fledging day

It was another typical pre-fledging day for the Glaslyn Osprey chicks today. It was one of those rare days this Summer with bearable temperatures and glimpses of the sun. Thankfully it was rainless with not enough of a wind to separate the Osprey chicks from their tree-top abode. It did not stop both chicks, though, […]

Cheeky magpie!

Cheeky magpie tries his luck…

Visitors to our new centre were recently amused by Aran and a Magpie. The Magpie waited and waited, it was determined to have a meal. When Aran eventually opened his beak to warn the Magpie it seized it’s chance to grab some of the entrails and was away! There was a great deal of laughter.

The two chicks

2015 Chicks ringed today!

We are delighted to report that the Glaslyn Osprey chicks were ringed earlier this evening. The ringing process was very successful. The eldest chick Blue 4R, weight 1605(g) wing length 320mm was assessed to be a female. The younger chick Blue W0, weight 1320(g) wing length 296mm was assessed to be a male. Wing measurements […]


Visitor Centre Official Opening

Yesterday was the realisation of a dream we have had for a very long time at Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife. Iolo Williams officially opened the doors to our brand new visitor centre for the first time. Thank you to all our supporters, funders, volunteers and visitors for all the help you have given us over […]