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First egg close

Mrs G Lays First Egg of 2019

EGG-CITING NEWS… We have an egg!!! Mrs G stood up and revealed the egg at 11:21 on Saturday, 13th April. Congratulations Mrs G and Aran. If you missed it or just want to watch it again (we don’t blame you), here is the moment Mrs G laid her first egg around 11:21 Saturday morning.

Blue W0. Photograph by Sam Hood.

2015 Chick, Blue W0, Back in the UK

This season doesn’t seem to be letting up with excitement just yet. The news that yet another Glaslyn chick has been sighted back in the UK brought us great delight. This time Blue W0, a chick from 2015, the first year Aran and Mrs G bred together. Blue W0 was photographed by Sam Hood on […]

Millennial Style-3

Harlech Triathlon 2019

The Annual Harlech Triathlon is a major fundraiser for us and for the fourth year we have a team entered for the event on Sunday, April 14th. Gwen (swimmer) Gail (cyclist) and Huw (runner). The team are all Glaslyn Osprey Volunteers and they need your support! Visitor Centre and Protection programme take significant resources, some […]


What’s On 2019

We are excited to bring you the calendar of events for the 2019 season. If you have any questions or would like to book a place on any of the activities, contact us on 07834 575008 or email   For more information on our nature club activities, please contact our Education Officer at: […]


Glaslyn Chick, Blue 8C, Back in the UK!

Yesterday we received some very exciting news. Blue 8C was the youngest of the three 2014 Glaslyn chicks. In October 2017 she was photographed in Popenguine, Senegal, but she had never been spotted back in the UK. That was until a few days ago. On Sunday, Tina Vaughan photographed an osprey eating a fish on […]


Four Ospreys, One Nest

Well, what an exciting week it has been! Last Monday morning started with a bang when our resident female, Mrs G, touched down on the nest at 9:08 am. It’s fair to say we were all in a flap trying to get the Visitor Centre open by 10 am that morning, and from that moment, […]

Nest Q6035_2019-04-01_10_37_19_898

Aran Returns!

This is no April Fools, Aran landed on the nest at 10:12 am this morning! We mistakenly thought he had briefly landed at 7:20 am, but upon reviewing the footage it turned out to be another unringed female who Mrs G promptly saw off the nest. Soon after Aran landed, Mrs G was displaying herself […]

Nest Q6035_2019-03-25_12_46_21_046

Mrs G Returns!

BREAKING NEWS! Mrs G has returned for the 16th successive year! She landed at 9:08 for ten seconds before chasing two crows away from the nest area. They should know that no one messes with Mrs G! Watch the video of the moment she returns.   To date, Mrs G has hatched 40 live chicks, […]


Sunshine at Last

The rain has finally stopped and we’ve seen some new (and old) faces come through the door of our Visitor Centre this week. It’s certainly nice to be back! Plagued by heavy rain and floods at the beginning of the week, it didn’t make our work of preparing the site for opening very easy. However, […]