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Chick 2 Post Mortem Report

We are now in possession of the post mortem report for Chick 2.   The post mortem was carried out by Dr Mark Stidworthy, veterinary pathologist with International Zoo Veterinary Group Pathology.   It states that the cause of Chick 2’s death appears to be pneumonia and lung haemorrhage associated with lungworm infestation, together with […]

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Middle Chick Dies on the Nest June 9th

At 7:30 on Sunday 9th June the middle chick of the Glaslyn brood, hatched from Mrs G’s 50th egg, died on the nest. It became clear the middle chick was unwell on Thursday evening after being fed, although we could not see exactly what the problem was. On Friday morning it regurgitated blood over Mrs […]

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Update on Third Chick

You will be aware that at 10:48 this morning, the third chick fell onto its back and has been unable to remove itself from that position. It is unclear if something caused the chick to fall or if some damage has been caused as a result of the fall which meant the chick was not […]


Leicestershire School Watches Glaslyn Ospreys

Thank you to Hugglescote Community Primary School in Leicestershire for sending us this photo of the Woodpeckers Class as they watched the second chick hatching. The teacher says they were buzzing to see this wonderful event happening. We are proud to work with local schools, educating children about ospreys and local wildlife. And seeing Mrs […]