The Nest Battle Continues

Aran has not been present at the Glaslyn nest since 15:07 yesterday when he was seen chasing Tegid (Z1) away for the last time.
Tegid was first spotted in the Glaslyn valley on Tuesday afternoon which is when we believe the battle for the nest began.

This airborne battle is the reason Aran has not been able to fish for three days. It is not unheard of for ospreys to go days without food; we know they cross the Sahara during migration which can take up to a week. This means Mrs G is unlikely to leave the eggs to fish until absolutely necessary and she is currently still on the nest waiting for Aran to return.

Although we have had no positive sightings of Aran today, two ospreys were spotted flying high above the valley this afternoon. We presume these birds to be Aran and Tegid which would mean their battle for territory is continuing. Tegid has also been seen on a tree near Pont Croesor with a fish early this evening, but we do not have a confirmed sighting of Aran as of yet.

Here is footage from yesterday as Tegid tries to divebomb Aran in a bid to take over the nest. Although we’ve never seen an attempt like this on the Glaslyn nest before, this is not uncommon behaviour for ospreys.
Young males and females will attempt to take over active nests, as has been observed elsewhere. But if the males are strong and fit enough, they should be able to defend their nest without serious consequence.

As we’re currently witnessing, the battle for the nest can last days.

We will let you know as soon as we have more information.