Aran Returns After Nest Battle

Aran is back!

At 07:57 this morning Aran returned to Mrs G on the Glaslyn nest. He appears to have a few ruffled tail feathers, but for now, he seems to have won the territory battle with Tegid.

He has been largely absent from the Glaslyn nest since Wednesday when it became clear he was involved in a battle for the nest with three-year-old male Tegid (Z1) who was hatched on the Dyfi nest in 2016. Aran was not seen at all on Friday which was cause for concern, especially as the first egg is due to hatch in two days. It was a great relief to see him return this morning.

Aran has since been fishing and landed on the nest with a big brown trout for Mrs G at 11:12. Mrs G went to the perch to enjoy her first meal since Tuesday as Aran incubated the eggs. He also attempted to mate Mrs G on the perch, although she wasn’t particularly receptive. We believe this was an effort to reinforce the bond between them because he’d been absent for so long.

We know it has been a nervous few days for everyone watching, but thankfully, normal service seems to have resumed for the resilient pair.

Tegid has been seen eating a fish on a tree near Pont Croesor on Friday evening and has been present there again this afternoon. He has not made an attempt to intrude on the Glaslyn nest at all.

We will continue to monitor the skies and keep you up to date with the latest news.