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Second 2019 Chick Hatches!

The second egg has hatched! In the midst of a crow attack, the second chick decided to make an appearance at 10:26 this morning. The crows have been very cheeky today, but Mrs G and Aran make a good defensive team! Here is some footage of chick number two.

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First Chick of 2019 Hatches!

The first chick of 2019 has hatched on the Glaslyn nest! The First Chick hatched at 11:42 this morning. A slight dent was spotted in the egg late last night and by early this morning it was clear that a hatching was progressing well. It was fully clear of the shell by 11:42. We’re glad […]

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Aran Returns After Nest Battle

Aran is back! At 07:57 this morning Aran returned to Mrs G on the Glaslyn nest. He appears to have a few ruffled tail feathers, but for now, he seems to have won the territory battle with Tegid. He has been largely absent from the Glaslyn nest since Wednesday when it became clear he was […]

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The Nest Battle Continues

Aran has not been present at the Glaslyn nest since 15:07 yesterday when he was seen chasing Tegid (Z1) away for the last time. Tegid was first spotted in the Glaslyn valley on Tuesday afternoon which is when we believe the battle for the nest began. This airborne battle is the reason Aran has not […]


Eco Bro: Greenshoots Fair 2019

We are pleased to have a stall at the Eco Bro Greenshoots Fair ar Penrhyndeudraeth this Saturday, 11th May. There will be plenty of stalls, activities for children and you can exchange your leftover plants and seeds for ones you don’t already have! Find more information here.