Cheers, Mrs G!

You will all have heard by now that Mrs G has laid three eggs this season, meaning she has laid 51 in her lifetime. She is now the only osprey to have laid that many eggs in England and Wales. We already knew what a magnificent bird she was but it’s nice to celebrate such a milestone. Some of us at the Visitor Centre even popped a bottle of bubbly after the 50th egg was laid! We only had a very small glass, promise.

Cheers, Mrs G!

On the day Mrs G laid her 50th egg we also had ITV Coast and Country filming at BGGW! It was lovely (and nerve-wracking) to have the film crew here to learn all about the work we do. We will let you know when our faces will be gracing the screen!

This week marks another milestone for Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife. Tuesday may have seen Mrs G’s 50th egg, but on Thursday we welcomed the 50,000th visitor since we first opened the doors of our Visitor Centre at Pont Croesor. Congratulations to the Adams family! We hope you like your prize and that we will see you at the VC again soon.

The weather has been wonderful over this Easter weekend, which is lucky as we were able to spend most of our days outside looking at the spectacular displays of another, unringed male osprey. The male has returned on numerous occasions to perform his sky dance outside the Visitor Centre. He gave quite the display, diving through the air and calling loudly. This is the first time that many visitors and volunteers have observed such behaviour so closely. We don’t have any footage to share, unfortunately, but that just means you have to visit us in person and hope the male suitor is willing to put on another display.

Besides the arrival of the three eggs, our favourite video of the week has to be this dancing phantom stick.
Aran took some time to negotiate his landing and managed to annoy Mrs G in the process. However, her attention soon turned towards something else. She started chipping and mantling and quickly protected the eggs as an intruding osprey flew right over the nest. Aran then flew off to chase the osprey away before assuming his position as watchman on the perch.