2015 Chick, Blue W0, Back in the UK

This season doesn’t seem to be letting up with excitement just yet. The news that yet another Glaslyn chick has been sighted back in the UK brought us great delight. This time Blue W0, a chick from 2015, the first year Aran and Mrs G bred together. Blue W0 was photographed by Sam Hood on Monday, intruding at the osprey nest at Threave Castle, in Dumfries & Galloway. This is the nest that Black 80, a Glaslyn born male has bred at since 2009. This is now the second new Glaslyn chick to be sighted in the UK this year, adding to the six we already know to have successfully bred in the UK. Did we mention Mrs G has 36 fledged chicks and 74 ‘grandchicks’? What a remarkable contribution to the osprey population.

Photos by SamHood.

This week, Mrs G and Aran have mostly been around the nest area, tidying, bringing nesting material and scraping the nest cup ready for eggs. Perhaps you’d like to see this rather funny video of Aran nest scraping again. 

Many of our followers weren’t sure what he was doing, but we can assure you, he isn’t doing it just to look silly! This must mean an egg is imminent. We hope you have nothing else planned this weekend, as you might want to keep your eyes glued to the live camera…

This week also saw our Education Officer, Rebecca, returning to local schools to do presentations about our wonderful ospreys. Mrs G and Aran cause quite the stir in one school as Rebecca turned on the live streaming when they started mating, much to the delight of the pupils. They, however, were not the only ones giggling. The teachers had tears in their eyes they were laughing so much. So, thank you ospreys, for the perfect timing. As one teacher remarked, “it must be the warm weather.”

There have again been many intruding ospreys around the Glaslyn valley, with one male giving a spectacular sky dance near the Visitor Centre. All this activity feels very promising, but we have not yet been able to identify any of the intruding birds. We will be sure to let you know if we get a confirmed ring sighting of any visiting ospreys. 

Easter events:

Clwb Gweilch Glaslyn – our nature club for children 7-11 starts back next week.
Thursday, April 18

Make your own bird feeders from recycled materials. £2

Easter Sunday, April 21
Easter Egg Nature Hunt £2

Clwb Gweilch Glaslyn
Thursday, April 25
Printmaking workshop with artist Francesa Jones £2