An exciting season so far

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Glaslyn, to say the very least. This somewhat frenzied period seemed to be kickstarted on the afternoon of May 19 when we were treated to the return of Z1, named Tegid who was born on the Dyfi nest in 2016. This is the first time he has been seen back in Wales. What a treat it was to see him land at Pont Croesor and what a stroke of luck to be gifted this wonderful image of Aran chasing him down, fish in talon. Visitor Centre manager Heather Corfield was quick on the button to give us this shot.

It was lovely to share this moment with our friends at Dyfi, and we spent some time there on the 24th, meeting with Emyr, Kim and Janine, as well as other members of the team. It gives us great hope that we might see more birds returning to Wales in the future.

Watch the video of Tegid’s return here.

After regaining our composure, attentions quickly turned to the three eggs in the Glaslyn nest. We had anticipated the first would hatch sometime over the bank holiday weekend. What a shock it was that the first hole appeared at 8:35am on Friday the 25th. Never could we have imagined the chick would have made its way out by 9:49. He or she obviously couldn’t wait to meet us!

As expected, the second chick hatched two days later at 16:41 on May 27th. There was a delightful moment or two during hatching where the chick tried to return inside the shell. Here both siblings are with Mrs G.

A day later, on the 28th we were again treated to the arrival of another Osprey, this time unringed. We wouldn’t have known it was there had 5F not have made it very clear there was an intruder lurking. At around 11am she began mantling and chipping and we searched everywhere on our camera and with binoculars to find the source of her disturbance. She then began soliciting for food whereupon another osprey, male we believe, was spotted on a nearby tree. Fifty minutes later he landed on one of the Pont Croesor nest perches. Shortly afterwards both 5F and the unringed male were observed flying together above the nest. He left shortly after and was last seen heading towards the coast. Although he has not been spotted since, it was a lovely moment to watch as it took us in to the final day of hatching.

As sure as anything, on the 29th, a hole appeared in the third egg. This chick however, was in no hurry to come out and greet us. We were kept waiting, rather agonisingly for over 9 hours before it finally made an appearance at 20:53. Although unable to celebrate together at the Visitor Centre, we’re sure there was a congregated cheer ringing throughout the homes of Glaslyn supporters in the evening as they watched the chick emerge on the live streaming.

All chicks are doing well. Aran has been busy providing fish and Mrs G, as attentive as ever, has been feeding her chicks and keeping them warm.

During these busy periods it is easy to forget about the hard work of the volunteers and supporters upon which BGGW relies. We were reminded of the generosity of people one day when a gentleman visited Glaslyn and handed us a rather large bag of money containing £290. A very amusing story he shared with us too. It seems he had accumulated this healthy sum of money by fining people who turned up late to his meetings! We are grateful he recognised us as a worthy charity to receive this donation, and even more grateful to the unfortunate people who have unknowingly helped us through their poor timekeeping skills! Please never change so that you may continue to help causes like ours.

We are sure the next period of this season will be just as busy and exciting, but for now we shall enjoy the image of Mrs G and Aran with their three chicks.

Be sure to keep watching the live streaming, or better yet, pop in and see us at the Visitor Centre. You never know which osprey might turn up next!

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