A Week of Sun and Surprises

It has only been nineteen days since the first chick hatched but already we have seen a drastic change in all of their appearances. While they may look all cute and innocent to begin with, they soon shed their first down and enter the reptilian stage of plumage. It’s difficult to tell at this point, do we have three little chicks or dinosaurs on the nest?

Aran has certainly kept us entertained with his fishing antics this past week. Bringing fish back to the nest even when Mrs G was still feeding the previous one to the chicks. Receiving an unimpressed reaction from Mrs G as he brought back his first garfish of the season. And we could not believe our eyes on Sunday when the sea bass Aran had caught gave us a surprise of its own. Here is a photo of Mrs G extracting what looks to be a sand eel from the mouth of the bass. He may have gotten lucky with his 2 for 1 catch but there’s no denying that Aran is an excellent provider for his family.

You can view the full video on our Facebook page here.

Aran may be the provider, however there is no denying who’s boss. Mrs G has had to step in to stop two siblings from squabbling and we’ve even caught Cyw Bach 1 with his siblings in a headlock! It is very entertaining to watch as the chicks grow and develop their individual characteristics. How much will they change again in the next week?

On the 1st of June we held an open taster session for our Clwb Gweilch Glaslyn for children aged 7-11. We had fun spotting birds, hunting for mini beasts and building a bug hotel. Our next club meeting will be this Saturday morning the 16th June so if you have a young nature enthusiast at home please bring them along! If you’d like more information don’t hesitate to contact our Education Officer on 07340355241 or rebecca@glaslynwildlife.co.uk

Lastly, we would like to congratulate our volunteer Vivien Finn who was nominated for an award through Mantell Gwynedd to mark Volunteers’ Week. As Viv is away in California, Heather was gifted a rare afternoon away from the busy visitor centre to collect the certificate in Portmeirion. Thank you for all your hard work, Viv, we’ll keep it safe in Pont Croesor for when you return.

Our recent spell of warm weather may not compare to a holiday in California, but the chicks don’t seem to be complaining. They even have their own parasol in the form of Mrs G! Let’s hope the sun continues to shine on what has already been an exciting and entertaining season here at Glaslyn.