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Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS – fantastic, wonderful, excellent, brilliant – we have a chick at Glaslyn. First crack at 9.38 – out by 9.49 WOW!!!!!!!! More to follow – don’t take your eyes off the live streaming!!!!  

Diolch! Twootz Thank you!

Once again this season is sponsoring food for all our bird feeders, We would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Many thanks,Twootz’ for your sponsorship again this season. Nuthatch, Siskin, Great spotted woodpecker, Goldfinch and many other birds visit our feeders at the Visitor Centre. Why not call in to see us and […]

Stirring from a night shift

The beginnings of first light starting to seep in through the drawn curtains come into my consciousness, stirring me from the last few hours tucked into the warmth of a sleeping bag. Imperceptibly, the night has been fading on the TV screen too, until the light from outside brings a realisation that dawn is on […]


Rutland Water Nature Reserve.

Thursday was full of anticipation for four of the Glaslyn team as we headed towards Rutland Water Nature Reserve. It was worth travelling all those miles for the warm welcome we received from the Rutland team at Manton Bay, as well as the cake we were served after lunch! Firstly, we were introduced to Education […]