Fantastic News.

We have received the news today that Blue 9C, the eldest chick from the 2014 Glaslyn brood, was photographed at Leighton Moss on 25th July by John Dodds.
2014 was the year that BGGW first took over the running of Glaslyn and Blue 9C was also from the last brood fathered by 11(98), so the sighting of him is especially poignant to us all.
Blue 9C hatched on 13th May at 05:40. He was ringed, along with his two siblings, on 19th June when he was 37 days old. He was judged to be a male weighing in at 1440g. He fledged at 51 days old on 3rd July at 18:26. He was a confident youngster and we managed to get a sighting of him at Pont Croesor, when we discovered him perched in a tree close to the river. We last sighted him on 25th August 2014.
It is brilliant news that he has made it back to the UK as a three year old. Let’s hope that the next time that 9C is sighted he will be back in Wales.