Ringing of the Glaslyn chicks

Ringing of the Glaslyn chicks took place on Saturday morning, the 1st of July 2017. Everything went to plan and the ringing was carried out in a professional manner. The chicks were alert after the ringing.

The ring letters and numbers, Z6,Z7 and Z8.

Z6 Male BTO ring number 1408634.

Wing length 308mm, Weight 1.47kg.

Z7 Male BTO ring number 1408635.

Wing length 297mm, Weight 1.47kg.

Z8 Male BTO ring number 1408636,

Wing length 242mm, Weight 1.30kg.

As you can see Z6 and Z7 weighed in at exactly the same weight.

We have three healthy male chicks thanks to Mrs G and Aran.