Play your part in live streaming

With the news of Mrs G’s return to her nest, many of us will now be glued to the live pictures. The live streaming will cost BGGW £10,000 this season.

Please sponsor our Three G Team in the Harlech Triathlon: Gwen, Glynis and Gwenlli intend to raise £4000 towards the live streaming fund. Just £1.00, €1.1 or $1.2 from each of us who’ve tuned in to Mrs G’s landing will get us to our £4000 target. So far you have given £881 let’s get to the first £1000 today! Be part of this unique project and donate now. Remember to tag the donation “Triathlon”.

We need your support more than ever, as our grant sources decline as BGGW gets more established. Of course we can do it – together! Please give what you can and may your generosity be repaid with more gripping action from the Glaslyn nest. THANK YOU!

Don’t forget to cheer the trio on: The Triathlon is on April 9th and this Appeal will close on April 23rd.