W8 Falls from the Perch.

At 23: 20 on July 24th W7 and W8 were both perched side by side on the nest perch. Suddenly W8 fell from the perch into branches below the nest. At this point he couldn’t be seen on the live streaming and we were unsure how far down the tree he had fallen. BGGW contingency plan was activated. Some time later part of his wing became visible on the screen in the protection caravan and we could see exactly where he had fallen to. He was monitored continually throughout the night.

At 04:21 Aran brought part of a fish to the nest, he was quickly followed by Mrs G who had joined W7 on the nest perch earlier. A couple of minutes later W8 took flight and returned safely to the nest. It wasn’t one of his better landings, but what mattered most was that he was safe and not badly hurt.