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Lunch for Two.

Mrs G had been waiting patiently for Aran to return, hopefully this time with a fish and not another lump of wood. When he finally returned he flew to the perch, he’d caught a nice Sea Trout. Mrs G was not amused and obviously hungry, you will hear her calling to him in the background. […]


Greenshoots Fair May 7th.

A date for your diary if you’re in the area on May 7th. Please come along and show your support for this event. Many local organizations will be present including Glaslyn Wildlife. We are seeking new volunteers so if you can spare 4hrs occasionally to volunteer at our visitor centre or protection site please call […]


Ospreys and Polygamy

Many of you will know of the complex situation at the Dyfi this season with the male, Monty, holding two nests with females, both with eggs. This ‘polygamous’ situation does arise relatively frequently in nature and is triggered when two main environmental conditions are present: A general lack of males and a second nest within […]

The view from the Visitor Centre

Gruff’s Glaslyn Diary

Cymraeg Well, what a month we’ve had here at the Glaslyn Wildlife project! To say that it’s been a steep learning curve as the new project manager would be an understatement. I started work here at the beginning of March and I have to admit; it feels a little as if the busy Easter holidays […]

The view from the Visitor Centre

Dyddiadur o’r Glaslyn

English Wel, mae hi wedi bod yn fis o fwrlwm yma ym Mywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn ac imi, fel rheolwr newydd y prosiect, mae hi wedi bod yn gyfnod dwys o ddysgu ac ymgyfarwyddo â’r drefn! Cychwynnais ar y swydd ar ddechrau mis Mawrth, a rhaid imi gyfaddef, mae’r cyfnod wedi bod yn fedydd tân ar […]


First Egg of 2016

We have our first egg of 2016! – Only six days after Aran’s arrival in the valley, Mrs.G has produced her first egg of the year. It was laid at 20.32hrs. At this stage we don’t know if the egg is fertile, and we have no way of telling. We simply have to keep observing […]


Live Streaming Appeal

We have almost reached the half-way point in achieving our target of £10,000 for the live streaming appeal. Many thanks to everyone that has donated so far, we really appreciate your generosity. If you would like to contribute, the donate button can be found on the live streaming page of our website. Alternative ways of […]

Aran on the nest this afternoon

Welcome Home Aran!

We’re pleased to report that a male osprey landed on the nest late this afternoon and joined Mrs.G. Subsequent analysis of the photos and video enabled us to positively identify the bird as Aran, Mrs.G’s partner of last year. Let’s hope there’s no more drama, and that they breed once again on The Glaslyn. Here […]


A sunny start to osprey season

Spring is in full swing as I head out for my first osprey protection shift of the year but as I make may way across the border, the season seems to go into reverse. Into the hills, a familiar story begins to play out, with the cloud growing and blocking out the early brightness, my […]