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The Birds of Pont Croesor

When we think of birds and Pont Croesor on the Glaslyn we immediately think of Ospreys. The breeding Ospreys are the main attraction in summer in this picturesque corner of North Wales, of course, but all year round there is so much interesting birdlife in the area both for the casual nature-watcher and the serious […]

Aran flying over the Glaslyn Valley

“Why don’t the Glaslyn ospreys stay in Wales?”

It’s not an unreasonable question.  The western coast of Wales has a mild and relatively equable climate in winter – although rather damp – and there are plenty of rivers, lakes and estuaries where they could find fish, right? Not exactly… The coastal ospreys prey on species such as mullet, flounder, brown trout and the […]

2015 Chicks


There hasn’t been a confirmed sighting of any members of the Glaslyn family since Friday the 25th. We are  still searching the surrounding area just in case one is still around, however as each day passes it becomes increasingly likely that they have left for the Wintering grounds. We all hope they have a safe […]

The new visitor centre at Pont Croesor

Site Update

The Visitor Centre is now closed for the season, however we will be working at the site on th 26th and 27th of September between 11:00 and 16:00. The gate will be open so please come and join us, the birds may still be with us so the scopes will be available as will the […]


Mrs G catching the sun

Mrs G catching the sun on the Glaslyn nest late this afternoon. Our ‘Super Osprey’ has now spent the last 179 days around the Glaslyn nest site. We are all enjoying seeing the old lady on her extended Summer break this year. She is looking in good shape considering the breeding season she has gone […]

The view from the Visitor Centre

Indian Summer

Our Indian Summer, or Haf Bach Mihangel in Welsh, has come to an end with heavy rain throughout last night. But it’s going to clear this afternoon and we should be enjoying this view from the Visitor Centre at Pont Croesor once again. Why don’t you join us if you’re in the area? We will […]


Another sunny day on The Glaslyn

It was another superb sunny autumnal day on the Glaslyn floodplains and all four of this year’s Glaslyn Ospreys were seen intermittently around the nest site again today. Mrs G was still present and was seen with W0 and 4R on the nest after 8.00 a.m. this morning. As far as we can tell, there […]

Mrs. G

175 not out!

Mrs G has just spent the 175th day in a row in, on, above, below or around the Glaslyn Ospreys nest. Such dedication! Has any other U.K. Osprey spent so many continuous days at a nest site we wonder? Our views of the Glaslyn matriarch are all too brief these days unfortunately. She seems to […]


Remembering 11(98)

On September 4th, 2014, we had the last ever sighting of 11(98), the breeding male Osprey on the Glaslyn between 2004 and 2014. Today is the anniversary of our last encounter with this incredible bird and is a sad September day for us all, as you can imagine. 11(98) was such an iconic individual, a […]