Sad News

We have received some very sad news today regarding one of the Glaslyn 2008 offspring. Some of you may recall that late last year we discovered that White YC had successfully bred with an un-ringed female at Roudsea Wood and Mosses NNR, in Cumbria. They raised two male chicks together.

YC and his female both returned this year and the female laid three eggs. Tragically, and well into the incubation period, YC suddenly went missing, presumed dead, and eventually the female was forced to abandon the eggs to fish for herself. The three eggs were removed from the nest and sent to the Birds of Prey Monitoring Scheme, at CEH Lancaster. They do not suspect persecution at this stage, but unless his body is ever recovered or he turns up elsewhere, we will not really know the outcome for sure.

After the loss of 11(98) and CU2 this year, this highlights just how many dangers are out there, even for experienced ospreys.

White YC photographed by Emyr Evans,when being ringed as a chick.

White YC

White YC