All’s well at the protection site

The weather was glorious at the protection site yesterday. Perfect for a young male osprey to demonstrate his flying skills. He spent most of the day with the female on the nest. At other times he flew around the nest area gathering sticks and clumps of grass.

It was also a great day for other wildlife sightings. Our early morning volunteer had a shock when something flew into the caravan past his head. It was a young Swallow which he managed to catch and release outside. Peregrine and Cuckoo were calling from the hillside and a Red Kite flew over the Osprey nest. Three Bank Voles were playing on the worn grassy path that leads to the bridge. A delight to watch as they dashed around chasing one another

Late afternoon Willow Warblers were singing from the trees by the river and a Grasshopper Warbler could be heard reeling in one of the fields. Wonderful!

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