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‘Mr.G’ now has a name…

The decision of whether to name or not name ospreys is a controversial subject, some people are all for it and some people absolutely hate it. For many people however, they find it easier to relate to the birds if they are given a name. They can connect to them better and it prevents confusion […]

Aran with a mullet

‘Young Mr G’

The ‘Young Mr G’ gave a superb 20-minute show to birdwatchers and the general public off Porthmadog Cob again this afternoon. He has been seen often at this site in the last fortnight. Several times he flew up and down the Glaslyn river looking for a fish to take back to the female on the […]


All’s well at the protection site

The weather was glorious at the protection site yesterday. Perfect for a young male osprey to demonstrate his flying skills. He spent most of the day with the female on the nest. At other times he flew around the nest area gathering sticks and clumps of grass. It was also a great day for other […]


A Glaslyn Nightshift – Volunteering at its Best!

Leaving the house, after a brighter day, the weather knows I’m on my way to Glaslyn; the drizzle starts to fall as I close the door behind me. I join the end of the slow moving traffic, families heading into Wales for the long weekend, bikes on racks and caravans towed behind. Passing through villages […]

A wet night on the nest

A wet night

The Glaslyn female spent a wet and miserable night on the nest last night. She incubated the egg from just after 8.20 p.m. when the male left the nest. Throughout the night she turned the egg regularly. Just once did she stretch her wings for a few brief moments. Then it was back to incubating […]

Aran with a mullet

Fishing Trip

An unringed Osprey was fishing Pwll McAlpine (the small pool on the Glaslyn upriver from the sluice gates at Porthmadog) between 5.30 and 5.37 this afternoon. Comparisons with photographs taken from the nest site three miles upriver indicate that this may have been the new Glaslyn male on a fishing trip. (He has a short […]

Today's fish delvery

Fish delivery

The male delivered a small fish for the female just before 10am.this morning. All is well on the nest. During the week one of our protection site volunteers noticed just how keen the male is to incubate the egg. The male had just arrived on the nest and tried nudging the female so he could […]

The Glaslyn Female

One remarkable lady

There is no doubt the Glaslyn female is one remarkable lady. She deserves our grateful thanks for all the young ospreys that she and 11(98) have raised to fledging and beyond. She’s had a rough time this year, waiting alone on the nest for weeks to reunite with her long term partner. Sadly it wasn’t […]

CU2 - 'Jimmy'


It is with great sadness that news reached us today that CU2 has been found dead after being in a collision with overhead wires near Pentrefoelas in North Wales. He was found and reported by an electricity engineer and had suffered a broken wing. Such a sad end to a beautiful bird but a reminder […]