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Waiting For Spring

The dormant winter valley is a faint pencil sketch waiting for the watercolour of spring. The land is almost silent, with mist hanging low across the wet meadows and in the hillside woods. The dampness clings to the rocks and trees, and water lies in seasonal ponds across the pastures. The colour has been washed […]

Hydref Gwyllt! – Adroddiad

Er bod tymor prysur gwarchod y gweilch wedi mynd heibio, peidiwch â meddwl ein bod yn gorffwys ar ein rhwyfau! Efallai bod rhai ohonoch chi eisoes wedi sylwi mai Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn ydy enw’r prosiect, a’n gobaith ni yw, nid yn unig canolbwyntio ar y gweilch ond hefyd ennyn eich diddordeb yn y toreth o […]

Hydref Gwyllt – Event report

With the busy osprey season behind us, you could be forgiven for thinking that our work is done for the winter. But the astute among you will have noticed that by naming the project Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife we were hoping to look beyond ospreys and bring you the best of the area’s wildlife! So […]


Last orders please!

It’s that time of year again where Mrs G has her beak in the air waiting for those favourable winds to help her along her journey South. So I’ve been crunching some numbers and looking at the average number of days between various key events through each season and the dates that Mrs G was last seen in […]


Flying into high summer

Shorts seemed to be the order of the day as I left home but I became more uncertain about that decision as my journey wore on. All the signs of the season at its height were there; all apart from the sunshine of the previous few days. Even in the early morning, holiday-makers were on […]

Ringing of the 2016 Glaslyn Chicks

The 2016 Glaslyn chicks were ringed on Sunday 3rd July at 6pm. The best time to ring osprey chicks is when their legs are almost fully grown, but they are not yet old enough to prematurely jump from the nest if alarmed. So ideally they are ringed between 30 and 42 days old. Aran had […]


Time moves on…

A subdued atmosphere hangs in the trees as I head down the track today, the sounds of spring have fallen away and the only noises are the thwack of bracken against the wing mirrors and the crack and crunch of twigs under my tyres. There’s a coolness in the breeze coming through the open window […]


An osprey intrusion into spring primetime

Looking from the darkened shelter, out across the drying wet meadows, there is clear, striking blue above reflected by the softer blue haze beneath the trees. The branches are no longer bare, with an electric green wash having transformed the wooded valley and hillsides. A robin sings softly from the gorse with flowers now fading […]

The view from the Visitor Centre

Gruff’s Glaslyn Diary

Cymraeg Well, what a month we’ve had here at the Glaslyn Wildlife project! To say that it’s been a steep learning curve as the new project manager would be an understatement. I started work here at the beginning of March and I have to admit; it feels a little as if the busy Easter holidays […]